Entrepreneur’s Club at 67 Pall Mall

Jean Boucton Champagne is on a quest to create the ultimate Champagne experience for its customers.  Whether you enjoy Champagne with friends and family, at sporting events, or sampling a glass at an exclusive venue, it’s about the overall experience. With that in mind, Jean Boucton has been working on creating a number of unique pop-ups and events for its customers. The Entrepreneur’s Club is the latest Jean Boucton initiative.

Guests arrived at 67 Pall Mall for the first event. The  exclusive private members club, located in the historic Pall Mall area of London, was a fitting venue given its reputation as the go-to place for wine aficionados and set the tone perfectly for an evening celebrating tradition, innovation, hard work, and passion.

The bespoke Champagne experience began in the cellar of the club with a glass of Jean Boucton Cuvée Blanc de Blancs 2010. The cellar of the club, a former bank vault, is now home to its Grand Crus. After a welcome speech, guests were introduced to special guest Anne Charlotte Genet, the daughter of Jacques Genet, owner of the Charles Joguet Loire Valley Domaine based in Chinon.  Anne Charlotte shared her experiences of the wine making world with guests. The struggles she faced as a female entrepreneur in a male industry, and how she came to manage the domaine herself. What became clear is that passion, hard-work, humility, and of course savoir-faire, are at the heart of the high-quality wines coming from the domaine- and Anne Charlotte herself embodies these values.

The aperitif was followed by an afternoon lunch prepared by the club’s chef which guests enjoyed with a selection of Domaine Charles Joguet wines including Clos du Chêne Vert (Red 2011).  The lunch which came to an end with a glass of Jean Boucton Ratafia de Champagne. The bespoke experience created by Jean Boucton Champagne, MyFineCellar.com, and Mango Logistic was a huge success. Entrepreneurs and company owners will continue to meet 3 or 4 times a year to celebrate their shared passion, authenticity, and creativity. Traits that Jean Boucton Champagne values highly. The long and enjoyable lunch, filled with great food, drink, and company went on until the early evening with guests leaving with an increased understanding and appreciation for Champagne thanks to this bespoke event.

Launch of The Fall Magazine at The Mondrian Hotel

After months of anticipation, The Fall Magazine launched in January. A glamorous party in the Rumpus Room at The Mondrian Hotel marked the occasion.

Fittingly for a magazine which covers all things fashion, music, and culture, a host of stars, influencers, and society high-flyers descended on the event.

As the former Bond girl and French actress, Olga Kurylenko, mingled, glasses of Jean Boucton Cuvée Blanc de Blancs flowed.
From the art world, Damien Hirst’s girlfriend, model Katie Keight, was in attendance, and from the world of music, Laura Whitmore, TV presenter, and model, also made an appearance.
The esteemed guests sipped on Ciroc cocktails and enjoyed a live DJ set as they took in the 360° views of the city that The Mondrian Hotel offers.

The magazine itself was unveiled and the debut issue combined two industry powerhouses.

Iconic global model and accomplished photographer, Helena Christensen, shot the front cover image of rapper and actor, Tyga.  Needless to say, it went down a storm.