Discover our Luxury Vasques

Jean Boucton Champagne is proud to be collaborating with Orphevrerie d’Anjous on the design of our luxury Champagne Vasques.

The relationship between the brands, and the choice of Orphevrerie d’Anjous to make our vasques, was a natural and organic one.
As one of the last remaining traditional Orfeverie’s in France, Orphevrerie d’Anjous is steeped in a rich history which dates back to its inception in 1710. Unsurprisingly for such an established company, tradition plays a significant part in the products and values Orphevrerie d’Anjous promotes.

Having worked with Orphevrerie d’Anjous on the design of our vasques, Jean Boucton Champagne believes that we share an affiliation with the company due to the closeness of our values.A culture of luxury and excellence is a common denominator for both Boucton and Orphevrerie d’Anjous, with both companies sharing an appreciation for unique and luxury craftsmanship. From their beginning in the Loire Valley, Angers, Orphevrerie d’Anjous now enjoys international recognition and has become synonymous with design and innovation. Notable for their expertise in working with pewter, the company is perhaps most famous for its Champagne buckets, which characterise the brand. Connections to numerous high profile brands act as a testament to the skill and talent of the pewtersmith in creating extraordinary objects.

Orphevrerie d’Anjous workshops are responsible for the manufacturing process in its entirety and such attention to detail has become expected from a brand that prides itself on timelessness, tradition, luxury and elegance.