“A single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration”
Winston Churchill



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Discover our hand made Vasques, especially designed by the orphevreries d’Anjou.
As one of the last remaining traditional Orfeverie’s in France, Orphevrerie d’Anjous is steeped in a rich history and a ‘savoir faire’ which dates back to its inception in 1710.
Each piece is unique, in solid double glazed double tin, made with more than 8 kilos of pewter.
This vasque is a majestic Champagne bowl with pure lines and an impressive outline and is accommodating up to 6 champagne bottles or 3 magnums.



Height : 26 cm
Capacity : 7 bottles or 3 magnums
Diameter : 44 cm
Material : Solid pewter
Colors : Shiny pewter

delivery price in England (£200)