“A single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration”
Winston Churchill

Champagne Saber (hand Crafted)

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Sabrage, or the opening of a champagne bottle using a saber, used for ceremonial occasions it dates back to Napoleon times.
It originated in France, after the French Revolution, when Napoleon and his army enjoyed victories all throughout Europe.
This meant that they could often be found celebrating with bottles of champagne, which Napoleon himself was particularly partial to!
The Hussars, Napoleon’s light cavalry, took to using their sabers to open champagne bottles after victories. It was a rousing start to many parties and a grandiose way to toast their leader.
This “Sabre-Briquet”, is hand Crafted on the same model used by soldiers and officers of the Imperial Guard in the Napoleonic infantry. Our supplier is one of the remaining French jewels of fencing weapons. Today they are still providing Sabers to  French Military officers of all corps as well as the French Ministry of Defence and Ministry of the Interior.


Sabre : Hand Made Napoleon “Briquet” Replica
The guard is polished bronze.
The single-piece handle is riveted to the tang.
Napoleonic army corps’ sabre introduced for grenadiers, carabineers, drummers, hunters and artillerymen of the Grande Armée.
Blade length 570mm
Base width 33mm
Total length 710mm.

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