Champagne Jean Boucton was happy to welcome a group of connoisseurs for a Private Champagne tasting on Monday evening in the apartments of the Hoxton, 81 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HU.

Based close to Reims in Champagne, Jean Boucton is owned and run by our family. The Hoxton is run in partnership with the Soho House Group.

Based In the middle of the vibrant Shoreditch nightlife scene, close to the City, this hip hotel is a short walk away from Old Street tube and Liverpool Street Station.

At the Hoxton, we welcomed everybody ‘at home,’ in the function spaces, which are designed in the style of a city apartment for a Champagne pairing evening.
During the tasting, three of our Champagnes, Jean Boucton Cuvee Blanc de Blancs (blended exclusively with Chardonnay grapes), Jean Boucton Reserver Rose, and Jean Boucton Premiere Cuvee (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier blended exclusively on vintage years) were paired with Canapés prepared by the Chef of the Hoxton.

This event was organised exclusively for Champagne Jean Boucton clients and opened to 12 privileged guests.

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Bringing guests closer to the heart of polo and celebrating what is authentic about this historic sport, Polo in White is an exclusive new franchise by Jean Boucton Champagne. The Polo in White Gold Cup was the first polo event of the new Polo in White franchise, which aims to take guests ‘behind the scenes’ of polo. The Cup, which was held between the 12th and 24th July, took the form of a 12 goal tournament hosted at Emsworth Polo Club, Berkshire.

In keeping with the new Polo in White Franchise, The Polo in White Gold Cup took the sport back to its roots with exclusive insights into the world of polo. A traditional Argentinian asado, or barbecued lunch, was followed by a private tour of the stables. Guests were given unrivalled access to players and patrons at the traditional lunch which took place beside the pitch. With authentic food and chic countryside tables, guests experienced the family aspect of polo and the authentic lifestyle that accompanies the sport. After lunch, Facundo Guevara, professional polo player and Polo in White ambassador, took guests to the stables. Here they could enjoy a glass of Champagne Jean Boucton Grand Heritage 2006, whilst learning more about the horses from Facundo.

Photography: Marcos Cerdeira

The Polo in White Gold Cup was the main event of the season and was co-organised by Jean Boucton Champagne and Polo Chic Events, in collaboration with Facundo Guevera. The day ended with a prize giving from Jean-Christophe Boucton, of the Boucton Champagne family, to the tournament winner, Emlor Polo team. A traditional sabrage of a Magnum by the captain of the winning team offered guests another ‘behind the scenes’ look into the world of polo.

Guests including Champagne ambassadors, the club owner, finalists, winning teams, and VIP’s, all came together to enjoy Champagne Cocktails after the prize giving. Champagne Jean Boucton Cuvée Blanc de Blanc was served to guests, and made a fitting end to the special day which took polo back to its roots of family, farming, tradition and passion.