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Jean Boucton teams up with Jaguar Land Rover for the Polo season

Jean Boucton Champagne Teams Up With Jaguar Land Rover to Support the AMS Polo
Jean Boucton teams up with Jaguar Land Rover for the Polo season
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At its core, Jean Boucton Champagne has a passion for all things unique and exclusive. This explains the affinity between champagne and Polo, and its latest partnerships. Continuing to collaborate with those who hold the same ideals, Jean Boucton Champagne recently partnered with the Army Medical Services polo (AMS) team and Jaguar Land Rover.

The AMS team, which is comprised of four Royal Army medical corps, has a long and rich polo playing history but was only recently resurrected after operational commitments forced a hiatus from the sport, while Jean Boucton Champagne through it’s relationships with a number of luxury brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, London jewellers de Beers and St Regis Hotels continues to be a firm fixture at Polo events up and down the country.

The recent Captains and Subalterns Trophy tournament at Tidworth Polo Club saw the AMS team demonstrate its tremendous skills against a backdrop of beautiful countryside, mingling spectators, and champagne aperitifs, with the winners undertaking the ancient art of sabrage, championed by Napoleon and his men.

The event also gave Jean Boucton Champagne the chance to team up with Jaguar Land Rover. The pairing is an exciting one, which came about due to the shared passions of both companies. People are at the heart of everything Jaguar Land Rover does, and innovation is a byword for the environmentally responsible brand. Perhaps most poignantly of all, both Jean Boucton and Jaguar Land Rover have a strong held respect for history and heritage, with Jaguar Land Rover’s lengthy legacy traced back to 1922 and the first Jaguar motorcycle sidecars.


A history of innovation, a respect for craftsmanship, and a penchant for people unites Jean Boucton Champagne and Jaguar Land Rover who were a fitting addition to the Captains and Subalterns Trophy tournament at Tidworth Polo Club.

With an ambitious Polo program in place for the coming seasons, Jean Boucton Champagne continues to bring its unique knowledge and exclusive high-end Vintage and Cuvee Champagnes to the most exciting events around and through it’s partnerships solidifies it’s reputation among some of the world’s leading luxury brands.