Franck Wolfert

La fièvre créatrice

Discover Jean Boucton in the new book of recognised Champagne expert Frank Wolfert
La fièvre créatrice
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Champagne enthusiasts will be glad to know that Franck Wolfert, is releasing a new coffee table book. Franck is a well-respected Champenois with a passion for his region’s greatest export. His new book, ‘Champagne la fievre créatrice’, offers an unrivalled insight into the growing, making, and marketing of champagne. Throughout the course of the book, Franck interviews producers from different champagne houses, with Jean Boucton proud to be among those featured.

A passionate connoisseur of wine, Franck is widely considered an expert in the field. Born and raised in Champagne, and still residing their today, Franck has grown up surrounded by vineyards and champagne houses. It is his incredible passion for the region and produce that has inspired his latest book. Franck’s company, ‘Vins & Atmosphere’, provides tasting and technical training to professionals from several wine regions with Franck named France’s tasting Champion in 1999 at the Revue des vins de France awards. Together with collaborating with wine makers, retailers, chefs, and champagne houses, Franck is also involved in the publication of several other books. “Champagne au menu” in 2003, “Champagne le bois sans Modération” in 2007, and in 2012 “Champagne & Gastronomie,” which presents his method of marrying champagne with food. With his latest literary offering Franck wishes to explore the evolution of champagne.

Franck has known Jean Boucton and his family since 1996 and this is what makes Franck such an insightful author; he knows the region, the wines, the producers, and the growers, intimately. He is able to access a whole cast of characters and interview them, giving us an unrivalled view into their world. The book itself contains 45 original watercolour illustrations of the Champagne region by Philippe Dargent. Published in English and French, ‘Champagne la fievre créatrice’, or ‘Champagne, the creative fever’, shines a light on the values and ethos of various champagne houses and producers, including Jean Boucton Champagne.

Family is of the upmost importance to Jean Boucton Champagne, and it is something that the champagne house shares with many others. The sense of tradition and strong family ties is evident throughout the interviews with Franck’s line of questioning allowing the reader to delve into the behind-the-scenes world of champagne. In Jean Boucton Champagne’s case, there is a rigorous process that starts in the field, continues in the cellar, and ends in the bottle. Franck also focusses on the progression of the industry, and the evolution of champagne. The process in its entirety requires constant attention; a slip up at any stage will derail the whole production. Everyone and everything is important in the world of champagne. Jean Boucton Champagne acknowledges the need for each generation to learn, upgrade, and develop in order to keep improving.

Champagne’s various forms are uncovered in this book, its history and geography celebrated, and its wines and producers explored. The result is a rounded and extensive look at the local area, the individuals in the industry, and the challenges that face them as well as the rewards for their efforts.