Japanese Chef, Sake Sommelier

Keiko Yamamoto

Japanese Chef and Sake Sommelier Keiko Yamamoto worked for Gordon Ramsay and explains how to Experience Champagne with Japanese food.
Keiko Yamamoto

Jean Boucton Champagne has always had the upmost respect for innovation and quality, traits it shares with Chef and Sake Sommelier, Keiko Yamamoto. Keiko, a world-renowned Sushi Chef, draws on her family for inspiration when creating her food. Utilising traditional techniques and adding a modern edge, Keiko creates dishes of exceptional quality and taste. When pairing champagne, it’s important to find a complementary match, and Keiko believes champagne and sushi work together in perfect harmony.

Part of the reason that Champagne Jean Boucton and Keiko complement each other so well is their similar values. Keiko has been surrounded by cooking and fresh produce her whole life, from her Grandfather who owned a fishery to her parents who taught people how to farm and fish. Food and cooking has been handed down through generations of Keiko’s family, similarly, Jean Boucton Champagne is a family affair, with each generation learning from its predecessors. Jean Boucton Champagne recognises the importance of creating a product which respects tradition but also looks to the future. Producing and selling top quality champagne takes time, expertise, and passion. Keiko shares this belief, and it is evident in her acclaimed sushi creations.

A move to London saw Keiko bring her sushi expertise and mix of cultures to Sushi Queen, her Catering and Cookery Company. London responded to Sushi Queen with overwhelming positivity, and Keiko includes supermodel Karen Mulder and the band Oasis among those she has cooked for. Her continuing success meant that in 2015, she was filmed by Channel 4 for ‘The Food Chain,’ a programme which follows the journey of food from the fields and sea to the table.

Keiko and Jean Boucton Champagne first crossed paths at a Champagne Master Class in London and the similarities between her values and influences and those of Jean Boucton Champagne soon became clear. The innovative Japanese Chef is always interested in new culinary pairings and unique tastes, which makes her the perfect match for Jean Boucton Champagne. Keiko’s personal favorite is Jean Boucton Cuvée Blanc de Blancs. The Jean Boucton Grand Heritage (extra Brut) is a good match to pair with her food. For sweet sushi, Keiko suggests drinking the Rose or the Ratafia de Champagne dessert wine.

With Keiko and Jean Boucton Champagne sharing a similar passion for produce, family, and quality, the pairing is ideal. Jean Boucton Champagne hopes in the future, to introduce dining classes which pair champagne and sushi. This will give guests the chance to experience this unique and complementary pairing, and get an inside look at the artistry and skill with which Keiko creates her sushi.