Professional Polo Player

Juan Facundo Guevara

Champagne Ambassador
Juan Facundo Guevara

Jean Boucton Champagne has long been associated with polo. The relationship between champagne and the sport has seen Jean Boucton Champagne served at Cowdrey Park, the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club and HAM Polo Club, amongst others. It became clear a long time ago that both Jean Boucton Champagne’s customers and polo connoisseurs share a respect for tradition, a passion for family, and an appreciation for elegance and simplicity. Jean Boucton Champagne’s new Polo in White franchise is dedicated to polo as an authentic environment with a lifestyle.

Who better to act as the ambassador for Polo in White than professional polo player, Juan Facundo Guevera, Facundo was born and raised in Argentina the undisputed home of polo. Living on the family’s traditional Argentinian hacienda, el Rosario de Areco, Facundo started riding the ranch horses at the age of four. At the age of 11 Facundo began playing polo. Perhaps unsurprisingly given Argentina’s obsession with the sport, two of his eight siblings also became professional polo payers, Juan Manual and Juan Cruz. When he was 18 years old, Facundo travelled to the UK to play polo professionally for the first time. Since then he has continued to travel and hone his skills in countries such as France, Italy, and Dubai. Today he mostly spends his time playing the Argentine British seasons. The British season is played at Guards Polo club, which was founded in 1955 and has the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, as its president.


Despite the somewhat extravagant reputation polo is sometimes accused of having, Facundo is a man who respects tradition. Along with his brothers, Facundo is dedicated to breeding horses on his family ranch in Argentina. This attention to breeding is part of what makes Argentina such a globally recognised force in the polo world. The culture of horses in Argentina has resulted in experienced and knowledgeable players who have grown up around horses and breeding their whole lives. Today, the Argentine polo pony is best known for its stamina, speed, and grace. With so much of the game relying on the ability of the horses, Facundo recognises how important the tradition of breeding is.

Facundo makes a fitting ambassador for Polo in White as he is in a prime position to unlock the world of polo to outsiders. His strong sense of family and tradition is mirrored by Jean Boucton Champagne, and his passion for authenticity and innovation also align him with this champagne house. With Facundo at the helm, Polo in White will allow guests to experience the world of polo from the inside, champagne glass in hand!